Albizia chinensis

Albizia chinensis

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Albizia chinensis, also known as the Chinese silk tree, is a tropical, multipurpose tree native to south and southeast Asia. It typically reaches up to 30 m (98 ft) in height, though some trees have reached up to 43 m (141 ft), and has a flat, spreading crown. It can be found in humid tropical climates, in secondary forest, river banks, and savanna, up to 1800 m (5900 ft) in elevation. It can tolerate occasional light frosts. The silk tree has many practical uses. As a nitrogen-fixing legume, it can improve soil quality, and the tree's extensive root system allows it to stabilize slopes. It makes a good shade tree, used in tea and coffee plantations and to cover crops like pineapple. It is also grown for timber, which though lightweight is termite-resistant and used in furniture and house building. And, its clusters of fluffy white flowers make it a popular ornamental in parks and on roadsides.

Suitable for outdoor planting in USDA plant hardiness zone 10

Minimum tested germination rate is 85%

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