Rollinia mucosa

Rollinia mucosa


One packet contains 8 seeds.

Originating in South America, this rapid-growing tree produces a delicious yellow fruit which has lead to its cultivation across the tropics. In English, it is commonly known as the wild sugar apple, but many know it by its Brazilian name, Biribá. This is also the eponym for Berimbau, a musical bow which is played in capoeira and made from the wood of this species. Plants reach up to 15 m (49 ft) tall and can produce fruit within four years. Approximately 55 days after flowering, the large spiky heart-shaped fruit begin to develop. The pulp is a translucent white with the texture of custard and the flavor of lemon meringue pie. As is typical of the custard apple family, the fruit do not last longer than a week after harvesting. In addition, handling can cause its protuberances to blacken. This short shelf life and fragility have limited the commercial cultivation of this species, and despite R. mucosa’s immense popularity, wild varieties remain under threat from deforestation.

Suitable for outdoor planting in USDA plant hardiness zones 10 to 11

Minimum tested germination rate is 67%

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