The Seedy Team

Wah, second right, in Vanuatu.

Wah Mohn was born and raised in the East Village of Manhattan. While traveling he met a botanical explorer on a flight from Rome to Dubai and thus began an incredible apprenticeship collecting rare plants across Africa and the South Pacific. Afterwards, Wah returned to Columbia University and took classes in ethnobotany. In 2013, he studied biology at a research center in central Kenya. Broke but eager to stay, he spent the following summer in the slumburbia of Githurai 45, during which time the idea for The Seedy Business was sown.

Samuel in Githurai 45.

Samuel Jaoko is the logistics coordinator and interpreter for The Seedy Business. Born in Kakamega, Kenya, he came alone to Nairobi as a nine-year-old and is a former street boy. He met Wah in Nairobi and fed and housed him for a summer in Githurai 45. Since then, he has been an integral part in bridging this enterprise with local involvement.

Patrick Muthoka is a botanist and senior research scientist at the Nairobi National Museum. Through the Seeds for Life project, he works with the Royal Botanical Gardens (Kew) and contributes to the preservation of native Kenyan plants. He advises The Seedy Business on the conservation of rare and alpine species.

Edward on Mt. Kenya between  Lobelia telekii .

Edward Mutitu is Chief Executive Officer of the Mt. Kenya Conservation Forum. Born near the mountain in 1950, Mutitu worked as a professional administrator for the government and after retiring received training on seed collection from the World Agroforestry Center. The Forum registered as a national NGO in 2012, partners with Kenya Wildlife Service, and functions in all six counties around Mt. Kenya. Their mission is to sustainably manage ecosystems for the benefit of both local communities and visitors.

Destreet at his home in Kampala.

Destreet is a Ugandan multimedia artist who tours internationally and is based in Kampala. After dropping out of school due to lack of funds, he began sketching and distributing his drawings around the city. He has been professionally painting since 2006 and started the Destreet Art Foundationwhich empowers disadvantaged youth through free art classes and workshops.


Lucas Reckhaus is the cartographer and geospatial analyst for The Seedy Business. Raised between New York and Cologne, Germany, he developed an interest in travel and mapping at a young age. He received a Master of Science in Human Geography from the University of Amsterdam. With geographic data, he tracks and investigates rare plant species to assist local conservation efforts.


Molly Priester is the operations manager of The Seedy Business. She became involved while studying tropical biology in Kenya and has since traveled throughout East Africa with the business, overseeing videography and botanical research. She has a bachelor’s degree in environmental biology from Columbia University and has also conducted entomological research in the Peruvian Amazon.