Grey Crowned Crane

Grey Crowned Crane


Churchill, 33 and fresh off the Nile canoe, must have been arrested by the beauty of the riverbank. I fancy it was then, just before riding a bicycle to Masindi, that he clipped a cigar and christened Uganda the “Pearl of Africa”. The grey crowned crane is the national symbol, and displays the same colors as the flag on which it is featured. Suffering both illegal trade and the drainage of its breeding grounds it has lost 85% of its population in the last 40 years. Roving airfields and trash dumps, this endangered bird is still on the decline and deserves your stylish promotion more than ever.

T-shirts are screen printed and there may be some variation in color and design from pictured, particularly in paint splatter. Sizing is unisex.

The designs are created and printed by Ugandan artist Destreet of the Destreet Art Foundation.

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