Rare seeds, good deeds.

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Africa’s diverse habitats are home to some of the world’s most prized species. Yet their seeds are often purchased without serious consideration of the ecological consequences for their wild origin, or the potential economic cost for the people who share the land. The Seedy Business does things differently. 


We safeguard biodiversity locally as we share it internationally. Local communities are crucial in all aspects of the process and your purchase will directly support grassroots conservation efforts.

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The Seedy Blog

We encounter incredible people, plants, and stories as we travel. Visit our blog where we try to capture a glimpse of them.


Change begins with sharing stories...


Our video series is a way of taking you botanizing and giving the people who inspire us a deserved audience. See the strange flora of Mt. Kenya, Telfairia pedata cooking over a fire, and breakdancing on the banks on the Nile. New videos are soon to come.

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The Seedy Business believes philanthropy requires creativity. We've have partnered with Destreet, a Ugandan multimedia artist who tours internationally and champions free workshops for disadvantaged children. As we empower local conservationists through dissemination of their seeds, we also we showcase Destreet’s shirts to support his cause.

Horticulture is a groping in the dark
into the obscure and unfamiliar,
kneeling before a disinterested secret
— James Tate
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