Annona muricata

Annona muricata


One packet contains 5 seeds.

The Annona muricata tree produces a hefty fruit commonly known as soursop, custard apple, or durian belanda (based on its resemblance in looks, not taste, to the Asian durian). The custardy pulp of the fruit is delicious—mildly tart and reminiscent in flavor of apple, citrus, and strawberry. It can be mixed with milk for a drink, made into juice or syrup, or simply consumed fresh. The young fruits are also cooked as a savoury vegetable. In any form it provides a good source of vitamins B and C. The evergreen tree reaches 5 to 10 m (16 to 33 ft) in height, with smooth, grey bark and an extensive, shallow root system. Its glossy leaves are 8 to 15 cm (3 to 6 in) long. Its large, yellowish-green flowers are heart-shaped as they open only slightly to admit small insects for pollination. Fruiting can occur year-round, and one fruit weighs up to a sizeable 7 kg (15 lb). The tree, native to Central America and the Caribbean, is now widely cultivated in home gardens of tropical and subtropical lowlands.

Suitable for outdoor planting in USDA plant hardiness zones 10 to 11

Minimum tested germination rate is 80%

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