Entada rheedii

Entada rheedii


Descend into deeper dream with this large liana, known as the African Dream Herb. Its giant, chocolate-colored seeds are used as natural jewelry and talismans, but it’s most notorious for its ability to induce vivid, sometimes lucid, dreams. Traditional preparations vary; some South African cultures consume the inner meat of the nut while others smoke the leaves. The plant is a massive vine: its twisted trunk climbs up trees and into the canopy, reaching lengths of 120 meters or more. Its seeds are “drift seeds” or "sea beans," the ocean explorers of the plant world. When a seaside Entada rheedii drops its seed into water, a thick woody shell can protect the seed as it floats thousands of miles through ocean currents, sometimes for years, to eventually land and take root on a distant tropical beach. 

USDA Zone range is 10b to 11

Please note: A drill is required to pretreat the seeds for successful germination (instructions are included).

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