Helichrysum argyranthum

Helichrysum argyranthum


One packet contains 10 seeds.

This pretty alpine flower is found on the mountains of central East Africa, enchanting the visitors and locals who encounter it between 2100 and 3700 m (6900 and 12100 ft). Marcescence aids its survival of the dramatic temperature fluctuations typical of its habitat. It grows up to 2.4 m (8 ft), with spreading bright green branches and narrow lanceolate leaves 2 to 7 cm (0.8 to 2.8 in) long. What’s striking is their fairly dense corymbs; the phyllaries of their capitula are shiny white or silvery (usually tinged with pink at the base) and radiate from a central disc of sunny yellow florets. Both leaf base width and involucre length are known to vary widely according to location.

Minimum tested germination rate is 30%

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