Platostoma africanum

Platostoma africanum


One packet contains 10 seeds.

In the mint family Lamiaceae, Platostoma africanum is a slender annual herb. It grows to 70 cm (28 in) with spikes of small white flowers. In the wild, it’s usually found in damp sites in partial shade, in forest, grassland, or stream banks. It ranges throughout tropical Africa at elevations of 100 to 2500 m (330 to 8200 ft). Locally, the leaves are cooked and used as a vegetable, served with rice or ugali, often with coconut milk. The species is also used medicinally. A tea made from the roots treats headaches and the leaves are thought to help ease arthritis. The leaves and flowers are also believed to be beneficial during a pregnancy. According to tradition, medicinal use of the plant is associated with having a cheerful baby.

Minimum tested germination rate is 90%

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