Vernonia calvoana

Vernonia calvoana


One packet contains 10 seeds.

Between 2500 and 3200 m (8200 and 10500 ft) of the Rwenzori mountains, amid grassy areas of Hagenia tree parkland, grows Vernonia calvoana, though it is also found across other highlands of East Africa. The tall shrub reaches heights of 2 to 6 m (7 to 20 ft), with flowerheads of papery white, petal-like bracts, giving the appearance of oversized blooms. The actual petals are a soft mauve and white, and plants usually have some flowers year-round. V. calvoana has a stout, sparsely branched stem with rough, grayish-green leaves. The leaves are eaten in some cultures as a vegetable, often in soup, though they have an astringent taste that gives the plant the common name “bitterleaf.”

Minimum tested germination rate is 60%

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